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Surface Roughness Tester Leeb 410 - Ra:0.05-1 O .Oµm Rz:0.1-50µm

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The Leeb 410 is a high precision portable Surface Roughness Tester with five optional sensors for measuring special shaped work-pieces. It uses DSP chip controlled to achieve high accuracy and fast testing speed. Besides its Matrix LCD screen displays all parameters and data, it complies with ISO/ DIN/ CE/ JIS/ FCC standards. It is powered by 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery. Shell: ABS engineering plastic injection, durable , anti-electromagnetic interference.

Roughness parameter Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
Measuring range Ra:0.05-1 O .Oµm Rz:0.1-50µm
Resolution 0 .01µm
Cut-off lengths 0 .25mm I 0 .8mm I 2 .5mm
Evaluation length 1.25mm I 4mm I 5mm
Tracing length 6mm
Standard ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS
Error of indication ≤±10 %
Variation of indication <3%
Sensor Piezocrystal
Arc Radius & Angle of Sensor Radius of sensor stylus :10.0±2 .5µm Angle :90 °
Force & Change rate Sensor stylus fore: ,,;; o.016N ; change rate: ,,;; soON/ m
Stylus force ≤0 .5N
Power supply Rechargeable 3 .7V Lithium-Ion battery
Operating temperature 0 °C -40 °C
Weight 180g
Dimension 105x75x24mm

Standard configuration: Main Unit, Calibration block, Power charger, optional Supporting platform, manual, certificate, warranty card

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Surface Roughness Tester Leeb 410 - Ra:0.05-1 O .Oµm Rz:0.1-50µm