QNix Quanix 7500 paint thickness mil gauge

QNix® 7500 Basic - w/Fe probe 0- 80 mils Paint Thickness Gauge | Paint Meter | Dry Film Gauge

Paint Thickness Gauge QNix® 7500 Basic - w/NFe probe 0- 80 mils by Automation Dr. Nix

QNix® 7500 Basic int. NFe probe 80 mils Paint Thickness Gauge | Paint Meter | Dry Film Gauge

QNix® 7500 Basic - w/Fe probe 0- 80 mils Paint Thickness Gauge | Paint Meter | Dry Film Gauge

  • Measurement of non-ferrous or non-ferromagnetic coatings on a ferromagnetic substrate
  • Small, convenient Coating Thickness gauge QNix® 7500
  • Modular measurement system with a wide range of probes
  • Probes can be inserted or used with an adapter cable
  • The angled probe can be used with an adapter cable
  • Measurements on Fe substrate
  • Large measurement range of up to 80 mils
  • The QNix® 7500 complies to national and international (DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM) standards and regulations: DIN 50981, 50984 ISO 2178, 2360, 2808 BS 5411 (3 & 11), 3900-C5 ASTM B499, D 7091

Scope of delivery of the QNix® 7500

  • QNix® 7500 Coating Thickness Gauge Body
  • Measuring probe (optional)
  • Adapter cable for external probe
  • Test certificate for optional measuring probe
  • Fe reference plate
  • 9 V block battery (alkaline)
  • Operating instructions
  • Robust plastic case for transport and storage



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Measuring paint thickness -The QNix® 7500 Paint gauge is part of the product line of non-destructive measurement gauges. Designed for the future, this modular system gauge is characterized by a wide application range and a robust build, already well known from our other gauges. It is possible for example to use the QNix® 7500 Coating Thickness Gauge with an integrated probe as a one-hand operated gauge, or by using a connecting cable, as a gauge with an external probe. Using the respective probe, the gauge will measure coatings on steel and iron or coatings on a non-magnetic, metallic substrate such as aluminum. Please read these instructions carefully before operating the gauge for the first time. It will help you to make use of all the advantages and conveniences the QNix® 7500 Paint Meter has to offer. Would you like to know more about the other Paint thickness gauges of our product line? Or do you have any questions concerning coating thickness measuring? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists with their long-standing experience will be glad to assist you This modularly built QuaNix/QNix® 7500 Dry Film gauge offers mobility, simplest operation, highest measuring accuracy up to 5000 µm (200 mils) and unusual application variety. As a really small and handy gauge, QNix® 7500 Paint Meter can be used either with a directly inserted miniature measuring probe or with a measuring probe alongside an adaptor cable for non-destructive measurements of coating thickness on all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous -substrates. Place and read

With a simple exchange of the probe, QNix® 7500 can be optimally adapted to suit the measuring task. For these tasks, there is a comprehensive probe program available. Probe change occurs via simple pull out and insert. You can immediately start using the gauge again.

Substantial changes in temperature can influence the readings, as is the case with all precision gauges. Do not expose the gauge to strong, direct sunlight or to other sources of energy causing temperature shocks. The housing is resistant to most solvents. However, resistance against all chemical substances cannot be guaranteed. Use only a damp, soft cloth to clean the housing. Accurate readings can only be obtained, if the measuring probe is clean. Check the probe regularly and remove residues such as lacquer etc. from the ruby tip. If the gauge will not be used for a longer period, remove the battery in order to prevent leakage and therefore destruction of the gauge. In case of malfunction, please do not try to repair the gauge yourself. Our repair service will be glad to assist at any time.
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