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Automation Dr. Nix Paint depth Thickness Meter Gauge Model QNix® 4500 Dual 120 mils

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QNix 4500 Paint Thickness gauge measures all insulating coatings such as lacquer, plastic, enamel, etc. on non-magnetic, metal substrates, e.g. on aluminum, copper or brass. Qnix 4500 Paint gauge conforms to national (DIN) and international (ISO, BS, ASTM) standards:  DIN 50981, 50984 BS 5411 (3, 11), 3900 (C, 5) ISO 2178, 2360, 2808  ASTM B 499, D7091. This Paint gauge is designed for various applications. Despite its rugged design, QNix 4500 should be handled correctly to ensure correct measurements at all times. Do not drop it. Protect it from dirt, dust, humidity, chemicals and aggressive vapors. Please store the gauge in the protective case after using it. As with all precision instruments, large temperature variations can influence the measuring result. Please avoid direct solar irradiation and temperature shocks. Due to the physical properties, the measurements can be influenced by strong electromagnetic fields. Please stay away from transformers, high voltage lines or discharge sources for example.  Do not take measurements on magnetized parts. Magnetic fields can affect Fe-measurements. Strong electromagnetic radiation can affect NFe-measurements. The housing is resistant against most solvents. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the housing. Proper results can only be achieved with clean probes. Please check the probe tip regularly and remove any dirt and paint from the ruby.

Paint Thickness Meter Gauge - QNix® 4500 with a measuring range of 120/120 mil by Automation Dr. Nix was developed for measuring tasks (Paint inspection - dry film thickness accurate measurement) in a plethora of industries. This compact Paint Meter / Gauge permits extremely precise measurements of lacquer and corrosion protection thicknesses, on steel and iron (ferrous metal substrates), as well as on nonferrous metal substrates such as copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. The QNix 4500 Paint Gauge is designed to appeal to end-users of all professions. Placing and reading the measurements on the large display has never been easy. QNix 4500 Powder thickness gauge recognizes the substrate you are measuring on and switching substrate mode to facilitate handling. With the practice-oriented product properties, professionals immediately recognize the handwriting of QNix Paint Thickness Meter Gauges: 

  • Extremely precise: High measuring accuracy over the entire measuring range. 

  • Simple operation: No calibration. Only one button. One-hand operation. 

  • Innovative technology: Proven Hall sensor and Eddy-Current principle. Integrated measuring probe without cables or plugs. 

  • Broad-spectrum of use:  Dual probe for measurements on steel and non-ferrous metals. Protective measuring:

  • Polished ruby tip to protect both probe and surface to be measured.

  • Automatically turns on and off

  • Operation with one hand and one button

  • Only one function key

  • Optimal readability - large numbers

  • Can be read in the dark and in direct sunlight - backlit LCD

  • For everyday use - ergonomic design with recessed grip

  • Polished ruby measuring head tip protects the measuring probe and the surfaces to be measured

  • Coating Thickness QNix 4500 dual integrated probe meets the following standards: DIN EN ISO 2808, ISO 2178, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 7091, ISO 2360

Scope of Supply of the QNix® 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Handheld gauge with integrated or cable probe

  • Fe reference plate or Fe/NFe reference plate (QNix® 4500)

  • 2 x 1.5 V Mignon batteries (type AA alkaline)

  • Test certificate

  • Operating instructions

  • Robust plastic case for transport and storage

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Automation Dr. Nix Paint depth Thickness Meter Gauge Model QNix® 4500 Dual 120 mils