Protective Coatings Inspection Kit 3 Premium Plus Ferrous 200 mils- Blast-cleaned steel to Surface Preparation

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Equipment supplied in our Protective Coatings Inspection Kits 3 will enable on-site testing for all seven parameters of blast-cleaned steel and coating inspection in the following stages: Surface profile measurement of the blasted profile (ISO 8503-5 and NACE SP0287)., Surface cleanliness testing for soluble salts (ISO 8502-6, and ISO 8502-9)., Surface cleanliness assessment for the quantity and size of dust particles (ISO 8502-3). Climatic conditions for the estimation of the probability of condensation (ISO 8502-4). Wet film measurement to ensure the correct wet film thickness has been applied (ISO 2808).Coating Thickness measurement to ensure the correct coating thickness has been applied (ISO 2808 and ISO 19840). Wall thickness /Material thickness.

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Ultrasonic Wall/ Material Thickness measurement 

The SA 40 plus “through Coat” is a rugged, easy-to-use, portable precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge designed to measure the thickness of metallic and nonmetallic materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, silver, etc., in the automotive, aerospace, corrosion, and food industries and can be easily equipped with the low & high-frequency probes as well as a high-temperature probe. It is equipped with a four-digit LCD and switchable from normal mode to a multiple echo mode MEC. Measuring range: 0.70 – 300 mm on steel and 3.00 -40.00  mm through the coat (MEC mode) with a coating less than 1.2 mm thickness. This Wall thickness gauge - SA40+ Ultrasonic Gauge comes with a Standard 5MHz probe PT-5, a probe holder, a Built-in calibration block, a Coupling paste for normal temperature, a Test certificate, an Operation manual, and a Carrying Case. Features: Model SA40+ Display 4 digits, LCD Backlight Yes, Measuring range 0.70~300.0mm in steel with PT-5 probe (Normal mode) 3.00~40.00mm in steel (Thickness for coating: <1.2mm (MEC mode), Resolution 0.01mm@0.70~99.99mm, 0.1mm@100.0~300.0mm, Accuracy 0.70~9.99mm ±0.05mm / 10.00~99.99mm ±(0.5%+0.01)mm 100.0~300.0 ±(1%+0.1)mm Unit mm/inch Velocity 1000~9999m/s, Coupling indicator Yes, Calibration Auto Memory 400 data, Low battery indicator Yes, Working environment 0~40oC, 20~90%RH, Power off Auto, Power supply AA battery x 2, Dimension (mm) 127x66x29, Net weight (g) 240, Standard probe PT-5 

 Pictorial Surface Standards 

These booklets contain high-quality photographs used for comparison purposes to assess the visual appearance of a steel surface. The Inspection Kit 3 includes both the SSPC Standard – VIS 1 and VIS-3. 

 LED Illuminated (x10) Magnifier 

The Lightweight, battery-powered, portable magnifier, x 10 magnification for close surface inspection is ideal for viewing surface comparators and blast cleaned surfaces. It has scaled lens for easy assessment of surface profiles. 

Dust Tape Kit 

The Dust Tape Test employs the Dust Test Tape and Dust Test Charts to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on blast-cleaned steel.y foreign particles such as dust particles on blast-cleaned steel surfaces reduce the adhesion of applied coatings, and when moisture is absorbed promotion of corrosion is very easy to occur on the steel surface.In this kit, all items are supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Dust Test Tape (60m), Dust Test Charts (pack of 50) and X10 Illuminated Magnifier.The supplied Dust Test Tape Comparator Chart indicates 5 classifications of dust particles and 4 sections of contrasting backgrounds, where the Dust Test Tape can be applied. Relevant information to identify issues on the tested surface is recorded on the Dust Test Tape Chart. 

Bresle Salt Kit- Patch Test 

The Bresle Patch Test uses Bresle Patches to measure salts on blast-cleaned steel. Contaminants not removed before painting can result to chemical reactions with blister formation and accumulations of rust that eventually destroy the adhesion between the metal substrate and the applied paint/protective coating. Bresle Test is compliant to ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9. The kit comes with Bresle Patches (pack of 35), Horiba Conductivity Meter, De-ionised Water (500ml), Syringe with Needle, 1413μS/cm Calibration Solution (14ml), Conditioning Solution (14ml) and Beaker.  Conductivity Meter Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra. 

 Press-O-Film Testex Profile Kit

The Testex Replica Tape supplied in rolls of 50 impressions with the Replica Tape Gauge measures the surface profile of blast-cleaned steel in compliant to ISO 8503-5 and NACE SP0287. The Replica Tape Gauge measures the Testex Replica Tape replica and determines the average maximum peak-to-valley height of the blast profile. The Replica Tape Gauge comes with Testex Replica Tapes Coarse and X Coarse ((1.5 & 2.5mils)), and a Burnishing tool.  

IR Video Thermometer

The IR Video Thermometer has multiple functions: Humidity, Wet bulb, Air-temp, and Dew point measurements. It is designed for high performance with Infra-Red Video Thermometers with TFT color LCD display & Camera function. The DT-9860/9861/9862 Series Professional Infrared Video Thermometers has a 2.2” color TFT LCD display & a micro SD memory card for capturing images (JPEG) or video (3GP) and for viewing on PC. It allows for fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. Also, the measurement of the dew point will be very visible for wet and dry proof. Measure IR, Dew point, Air Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Humidity.  

Hexagonal Wet Film Combs

These combs are designed for wet film thickness measurements and come in a range of thickness scales. The plastic combs are a low-effective method for measuring the wet film thickness. 5 combs, each comb has Metric (0 – 80 mils).  

 Coating Thickness Measurement

The QNix 9500 Premium plus Coating Thickness Gauge with cable Ferrous probe 200 mils; reliable and accurate coating thickness measurements. This state-of-the-art measuring Dry Film Gauge comes with Handheld QNix 9500 with built-in PC software QN9, Fe- and NFe-reference plate and two test foils, Certificate of calibration traceable to PTB (only with integrated measuring probe), Operation manual, USB cable, 2 Mignon batteries 1,5 V (AA) alkaline, plastic case for transportation and storage. If a probe is ordered with the modular system, these additional components are supplied: Fe Probe, Test certificate for measuring probe, probe holder, probe adaptor cable for extending the probe. 

 Perform the following tasks with the QNix 9500 Premium plus: Adjustment Zero, 1-point, 2-point, Individual adjustment (freely configurable), Adjustment memory in the device (10 adjustments), Memory: Jobs (100), 10000/spots per area, Total (2,000,000.00), ISO 19840 Zero Offset, ISO 19840 2-point, SSPC PA2 Zero offset, SSPC PA2 2-point to determine if thickness over a large measuring surface area conforms the User-specified/ set min/max limits, PSPC 90/10 – to determine if the coating system complies with the IMO performance standard for protective coatings, AS 3894.3 Swedish - SIS 184160 Australian  

 Cross-Hatch Cutter 

Use the Cross Hatch Cutter for adhesion testing and assessment of the quality of the bond between protective coating and substrate. This Cross-hatch gauge is ideal for thin, thick or even tough coatings. 6 blades 2mm spacing- 8 cutters Edges for Coating thickness (2.5 mils - 5 mils)

Kit Contents:

QNix 9500 PP Digital Coating Thickness Gauge, Fe 200 mils, Ext. Cable- ISO 2808, 19840 Coating Thickness Measurements, QN 9 Software in gauge-body built-in.

Infrared Video Thermometer- Dew Point Meter, Thermometer, Wet Bulb Temp., Air Humidity -measurements.- ISO 8502-4

Cross-Hatch Cutter - 6 blades 2mm spacing- 8 cutters edges for Coating thickness (2.5 mils - 5 mils)

Hexagonal plastic Wet Film Comb (x5)

Press-O-Film Kit -ISO 8503-5 Surface Profile

Foil Set (2X)

Bresle Test Kit- Conductivity Kit ISO 8502-4, 3 Surface cleanliness soluble and dust

Dust Tape Test Kit - ISO 8502-3

Pictorial Standards SSPC - VIS 1 & 3 -ASTM D 2200, IMO MSC.215(82), IMO MSC.244(83), ISO 8501-1,

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – through Coat -ASTM E797 (UTM)Thickness measurement-  mandatory component for all commercial vessels and platforms.

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Protective Coatings Inspection Kit 3 Premium Plus Ferrous 200 mils- Blast-cleaned steel to Surface Preparation




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