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Pencil Hardness Tester BEV 1301/1000grams

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There are different methods of determining how hard a certain coating is. These methods are pencil scale and the Mohs scale, both using the symbol “H” with numbers to assign hardness scale. Most consumers get confused as manufacturers often fail to point out the difference between these methods, which leads to inappropriate claims of the hardness of certain coatings. While Pencil Hardness used for ceramics coatings, paint coatings in accordance with standard ASTM D3363, the Mohs scale is mostly for mineral stones such as diamond, quartz, etc. A mineral scale 9 take one of the hardness material diamond) can have a Mohs scale of 6H and a pencil scale of 8H.

 A pencil hardness test is carried out in such a way that progressively the higher grades of hardness are used to firmly press or move on the to be tested coating. (There is a debate as to whether the pencil has to move or just pressed at 45 degrees). It is until the hardness grade pencil does not leave a mark on the surface of the coating that the coating is assigned the hardness of the used grade of pencil. The actual performance of the coating rellies on its hardness. Higher scaled coatings will wear and tear better than lower scaled coatings.

BEVS 1301 Pencil hardness Tester is used to determine the resistance of coating material or scratch hardness. The BEVS1301/ 1000g Pencil Hardness Tester complies with the requirements of ASTM D3363 and ISO15184 standard, through leaving a superficial trace on the dry coating film with a certain pencil hardness, the surface will be variably damaged by the hardest pencil to evaluate pass/fail or hardness. Recommend to apply on the smooth film surface. Use a variety of different hardness pencils, the angle between pencil and the coated surface is 45°, scratch on the coated surface under a certain of force, the scratch resistance hardness of the coating is the pencil hardness which just scratched the coating. Pencils are moved with a fixed pressure of 1000 grams. The angle between the pencil and the film surface is 45 degrees. Hardness scale of 14 Mitsubishi pencils -6B-5B-4B-3B-2B-B-Hb-F-H-2H-3H-4H-5H-6H . Paint pencil hardness scale

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Pencil Hardness Tester BEV 1301/1000grams