MT 600 Multi-Mode - Thru Coat Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge –PE Mode 2.5-600mm), EE mode 2.5-100mm)

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MT 600 Multi-Mode - Thru Coat Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge –PE Mode 2.5-600mm), EE mode 2.5-100mm)

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MT 600 Multi-Mode - Thru Coat, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge –PE Mode 2.5-600mm), EE mode 2.5-100mm) . portable precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge designed to measure the thickness of metallic and nonmetallic materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, silver, etc, in the petroleum,, aerospace, metallurgy, shipbuilding, corrosion monitoring, and food industries and can be easily equipped with the low & high frequency probes as well as a high temperature probes. Measuring range: 2.5 – 600 mm on steel and 2.5 - 100.00 mm through coat. It comes with a PSEE probe (5MHZ) for pipe wall measurement (up to 200mm), main unit, couplant, ABS carrying case, USB cable, Data software.

• Capable of performing thickness measurements on a wide range of materials including metals ( such steel, cast iron,aluminum,copper and so on ) , plastic,ceramics,composites, epoxies,glass and other ultrasonic well-conductive materials.
• Sealed metal case delicate design, special designed for defense against bad site environment,it can anti vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.
• With HD colorfulLCD display and intelligent operation interface, it can display the measurement results intuitively and provide a good display experience to user:
• With two thickness measurement modes: Pulse- Echo mode and Echo-Echo model,it can measure the thickness through the coating without calculating the coating thickness.
• With large storage capacity and lower power design,it can standby super long time above months.
• Attach with USB data proceeding software, it can connect with PC for data's analysis,storage and printing.
• Capable for compatible with a variety of probes with different frequency and size.
• With high accuracy and high resolution display,it can support 0.001 display resolution.
• With probe-zero calibration and two point calibration functions,it can correct the system error automatically
• Equipped with narrow impulse composite crystal high accuracy probe, it has small dead zone and accurate measurement.
• With high brightness EL backlight display, it is convenient for using in dim light environment.
• Support communication with Bluetooth printer on site, more conveniently for use.
• Auto alarm when exceeding the measuring range.
• With auto sleep, auto shutdown and other power saving functions as well as battery rest capacity indicating function.

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MT 600 Multi-Mode - Thru Coat Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge –PE Mode 2.5-600mm), EE mode 2.5-100mm)