Leeb 462 Portable Surface Roughness Tester, Standard Drive, 4mN Detector, 20 mm Range

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Leeb 462 Portable Surface Roughness Tester, Standard Drive, 4mN Detector, 20 mm Range

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The SFT Leeb462 is a small, lightweight testing device that is not only easy to use via its color LCD Touch screen display with Backlight for improved visibility in darker environment, but it proves to be one of the most reputable surface roughness testing equipment in terms of accuracy. It is equipped with a user friendly system and intuitive navigation of the menu, which can be operated using the screen or keys below the display. SRT Leeb462 has two measurement modes: the General and Split-type modes. It has a multi-directional measuring capacity, including vertical and upside-down, with DSP chip ensuring the achievement of fast testing speed and accuracy. The SFT Leeb462 is powered by a Re-chargeable Lithium battery, which can continuously power the device up-t0 50 hours during onsite applications. For more flexibility, the Drive unit can be separated from the display unit.
Surface Roughness Tester Leeb462 measures the roughness of various machined parts, including plane surface, bevel surface, outer cylindrical surface, curved surface, small hole, groove and car axle etc. This exciting and modern Surface roughness tester takes measurements on metal and non-metal parts and workpiece, including a variety of machining parts, machining manufacturing, testing, commodity inspection. SFT Leeb462 is ideal for on-site inspection of large workpiece and production lines.
Leeb462 Surface Roughness Tester complies with many industrial standards: JIS, ISO, DIN, ANSI. This Surface Roughness Tester comes complete with the main unit, standard sensor, calibration block, height bracket, Sensor driver, 2 cables for driver, supporting platform, power charger and Warranty card.

Technical Specifications:

Measuring range Z axis (vertical) ±80μm (0.08mm) / ±160 µm (0.16mm) (optional)
X axis (horizontal) 20mm
Resolution 0.01μm/±20μm; 0.02μm/±40μm;
0.04μm/±80μm; 0.08μm/±160μm
Roughness parameters Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt, Rp,Rv,R3z,R3y,Rz(JIS), Rs, Rsk, Rsm, Rku, Rmr; Ry; Rmax,Rc,RPc,Rk,Rpk,Rvk,Mr1,Mr2
Applicable Standards ISO, PC-RC, Gauss, D-P
Graphics Color Curves, Roughness profile, Direct Profile
Evaluation length(ln) Ln= lr×n n=1~5
Standard Sensor Measuring principle; Displacement differential inductor (Inductive)
Stylus: Stylus Diamond, 90°, 5μm radius of stylus
Stylus force <4mN
Lead head Cemented carbide, sliding direction radius 40mm
Measuring / Sliding speed lr=0.25, Vt=0.135mm/s; lr=0.8, Vt=0. 5mm/s;
lr=2. 5, Vt=1mm/s; Return Vt=1mm/s
Indication error ≤ ±10%
Indication variability ≤ 6%
Memory 100 groups ( data and graphic)
Power supply 3300mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Dimension (mm) Main body:64*53*160 Sensor dirver:23*27*115
Weight APPROX. 380g (Main body)
Operation environment Temperature:- 20℃~40℃, Humidity:<90% RH
Storage/transportation environment Temperature:- 40℃~60℃, Humidity:<90% RH

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Leeb 462 Portable Surface Roughness Tester, Standard Drive, 4mN Detector, 20 mm Range