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At TestCoat Inc, we are a US distributor of non-destructive testing devices from the best manufacturers around the planet. Our suppliers are known in their market segments for the best quality and compliance with industry standards. Automation Dr. Nix Germany is our supplier of the QNix brand of Digital Coating / Paint Thickness Gauges. The QNix range of digital coating thickness gauges is designed by Automation Dr. Nix to provide consistent, highly accurate, reliable, and repeatable coating thickness measurements on ferrous or non-ferrous. Users will be able to use the dry Film Thickness Gauge on steel surfaces or non-magnetic metal surfaces such as aluminum using our digital coating thickness gauge. QNix digital Coating Thickness Gauge uses the Hall sensor principle for non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates such as steel. QNix Paint thickness gauge also uses the eddy current principle for non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous metals substrates.

QNix range of Paint Thickness Gauges is QNix 8500 - available as a modular system with cable standard interchangeable probes, wireless probes, and Pen Shape probe for measuring on small parts and thin coatings. We also offer the QNix 4000 series, which comes in two versions (QNix 4500 Fe/NFe, and QNix 4200 Fe). Users can choose from versions with integrated cable probes. The QNix handy is the first-ever Paint meter specially designed and developed for the Automotive Aftermarkets (Auto Auctions, Dealerships, Appraisers, and Inspectors). The older QNix boys that still make their marks in the different industries are the QNix 7500 - available as basic and memory models, the QNix 1000 series, including the QNix 1200 Fe (80 mils) only, and the QNix 1500 Fe/NFe (200 mils).

Paint Coating Thickness Gauge - Automation Dr. Nix developed the modular measuring system QNix® 8500, which can be tailored to any measuring task by a simple interchange of the probe. Using the pen-shaped probe, QNix ® 8500 can accurately measure thin coatings and small parts in particular.

The small and easy-to-handle wireless probe for QNix ® 8500 measuring gauges allows for measurements without cable – useful when measuring in areas that are difficult to access or crucial to safety.
QNix ® 4500 / 4200 coating thickness paint gauges provide the user with a rugged and easy-to-handle gauge for an easy and fast coating thickness measurement.

This is our bestselling mil thickness gauges for standard applications. It includes an automatic substrate selection and a lit high-resolution graphical display.

Corrosion Inspectors in bridge construction and shipyards – particularly in the US – consider the QNix ® 1500 gauge to be the number 1 among the coating thickness measuring devices. The large measuring area of up to 200 mils (Fe/NFe) and the design of these hand-held gauges for large measuring objects make them a classic.

Byk Gardner USA is a subsidiary of Byk Gardner GmBH in Geretsried Germany that designs and manufactures products for Appearance Measurement, color measurement, Film Application, Dry Film Thickness, and plastic testing, liquid paint testing, and temperature testing. Byk Glossmeters is considered one of the best in the industry today. Byk range of Glossmeter we carry includes; Byk Micro-Tri-Gloss Meter 20°, 60°, 85° - 4563 New - Three Angle Gloss meter-same angle, Byk Micro-Tri-Gloss Meter μ 20°, 60°, 85° µ- 4564 New/ Three Angle Gloss meter plus Film Thickness Measurement, Byk Micro Glossmeter • 85° 4562 NEW -Single Angle gloss meter for specific applications/ Low Gloss, measuring Area 0.2*1.5 in, Byk Micro Glossmeter • 60° 4561 NEW -Single Angle gloss meter for specific applications/ Semi-Gloss, Measuring Area 0.35*0.6 in, and Byk Micro-Glossmeter 20° - 4560 NEW - Single Angle gloss meter for specific applications/ High Gloss/ Measuring Area 0.4*0.4 In.
During our many years of experience dealing with other market segments, we have engaged suppliers from China with ISO factory Certification, many years of product design and development capabilities, and proven, affordable and quality products to provide our US customers with portable metal hardness testers, surface profile testers, ultrasonic wall thickness gauges, and other non-destructive devices.

Using Automation Dr. Nix best car paint thickness tester-meter-checker, Bondo thickness meter for taking paint thickness readings and checking it with Certified shim set with the readings provided in MiLs or Microns. Other inspections tools include  Abrasion / Washability Tester, Gloss meter, powder Fireproofing Thickness gauge with an extended measuring range up to 200 mils.

Please note:

Until 2007, QNix ® was delivered under the Brand name QuaNix ®.