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Crash Check Paint Thickness Gauge w/case by Automation Dr. Nix Germany

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With its ingeniously simple technology for fast and simple
measurements, the Quanix CrashCheck® became the ideal car body tester. He
who hides accidents repairs or rust, must apply thicker coatings:
It seldom goes without putty; and never without a second layer of
paint. At such repaired spots therefore, the coating is

With the CrashCheck® the thickness deviation can be figured
out, fast and reliably. QNix® CrashCheck was developed
particularly for used car trading. Simply place the tester on the
car body and press the red button.

The tester immediately indicates what one can not see with
the naked eyes:

Green - Indicates The paint is of normal

Yellow - Indicates Paint may be significantly
thicker than usual.

Red - Indicates


Paint is considerably thicker, possibly the result of re-painted
and/or the use of body filler, hidden rust.

* To be sure about the evaluation, we recommend that you contact
an automobile appraiser, who is using a QNix® precision gauge and
can document measurements.

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Crash Check Paint Thickness Gauge w/case by Automation Dr. Nix Germany