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Certified Test Shim Set

There are different types of Calibration shims - also called Calibration foils. These include coated metal plates, polystyrene blocks, plastic shims, zero plates. Calibration shims are used either by manufacturers of Paint Thickness Gauges to calibrate gauges, as part of the manufacturing process, or they are used by end-users of the finish products to and in calibration laboratories to check the accuracy of the gauge for use or re-certification. Using Calibration shims fulfills both inhouse quality control requirements and ISO/QS 9000. The Certified plastic transparent shims with an accuracy of ± 0.01 mil or ±0.3 μm are Automation Dr. Nix most accurate and economic solution. To check the accuracy of your QNix Paint Thickness Gauge, place the gauge on the provided zero plates, fe sensor of Fe zero plate and Nfe sensor on Nonferrous zero plate and measure for zero. It is also recommended the customer uses their uncoated substrate. If gauge indicates zero, it is a good starting point. Then, place a certified calibrated shim with a known thickness on the zero plates and measure for that thickness. Accuracy of the gauge is confirmed, if the reading of the gauge matches the thickness of the shim. Replace shims when they are visibly worn, or they have scratches of the surface. Automation Dr. Certified shims can be used to verify the accuracy of competitors' Paint thickness gauges. Unfortunately, Automation Dr. Nix certified shims are consumer products and will not be re-calibrated

Automation Dr. Nix Paint / Coating thickness gauges for non-destructive measurement – QNix® series. Facts about QNix coating thickness Gauges - Paint QNix® gauges If you have been doing the same thing and improving by learning for over six decades, you can call yourself an expert. Designing and manufacturing coating thickness gauge is the core competence of Automation Dr. Nix. A type II (2) or electronic Paint/coating thickness gauge (also called dry film thickness gauges, paint  meter or paint thickness meter) measures the dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates non-destructively. QNix paint / Coating thickness Gauges operate on the electromagnetic induction principle, Hall sensor principle, and the Eddy current principle. Derived from these principles, sensors are designed for a variety of industrial applications. The two Fe measuring principles allow for coating thickness measurement of dry coating, powder coatings, anodizing and electroplating on metal substrates such as steel, iron, aluminum, zinc, or copper. A non-destructive QNix® coating thickness gauge measures the Paint/coating thickness on metal substrates. The substrate must either be magnetic or electrically conductive. The NFe measuring principle allows for coating thickness measurement of electrically insulated coating thickness on electrically conductive substrates; Automation Dr. Nix offers a broad range of dry film thickness for precise and non-destructive measurement in a many industries, including automotive manufacturing, automotive aftersales, corrosion protection, powder coating, car body shops, product finishing, meteorology, laboratory, etc,. The many years of working with experts in heavy-duty corrosion protection, gas, industrial painting and contract coating, surface finishing, and bodywork, makes Automation Dr. Nix a reliable partner in these industries. QNix coating thickness gauges are one of the most reliable, easy to use, durable, and are proven to pass the Repeatability & Reproducibility (R & R) test. All QNix coating/ Paint thickness gauges conform to to national and international standards such as: DIN EN ISO 2808 DIN EN ISO 2178 - Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with secondary coil (magnetic induction measurement method), Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with Hall sensor, Magnetic induction with permanent magnet and measurement with Hall sensor DIN EN ISO 2360 - Eddy current method DIN 50981 BS 5411 (11)

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National & International Standards

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