The QNix® 9500 inspection series of dry film gauges are built for corrosion inspection in shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms, Fireproofers, chemical plants, etc. This series of Coating thickness gauges sets a new standard in the coating inspection industry, in terms of durability – for long and reliable use, even undder very harsh work conditions – splash-proof housing. The operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +70 °C with the scratch-proof, the high-contrast display rotates according to user angle. The QNix® 9500 Paint Gauge series is fiberglass reinforced and has a- 5 pieces IP65 dust and water-resistant housing. It is the most rigorously tested paint thickness measuring device from Automation Dr. Nix, Germany. The QNix® 9500 series comes with a body gauge th

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