The QNix® 9500 inspection series of dry film gauges are built for corrosion inspection in shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms, Fireproofers, chemical plants, etc. This series of Coating thickness gauges sets a new standard in the coating inspection industry, in terms of durability – for long and reliable use, even undder very harsh work conditions – splash-proof housing. The operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +70 °C with the scratch-proof, the high-contrast display rotates according to user angle. The QNix® 9500 Paint Gauge series is fiberglass reinforced and has a- 5 pieces IP65 dust and water-resistant housing. It is the most rigorously tested paint thickness measuring device from Automation Dr. Nix, Germany. The QNix® 9500 series comes with a body gauge that is either accompanied by an integrated probe- Fe, NFe, Dual or a gauge body able to accommodate the different types of probes interchangeably. With the QNix® 9500 Paint thickness meter, the user immediately recognizes conceptual and perceived integrity. QNix® 9500 paint meter automatically recognizes the base metal, when deployed with a dual probe. This is an important aspect and a perfect solution for thickness measurement on double-coated surfaces – duplex measurement on both rough and smooth surfaces in shipyard repairs- blasting, Offshore wind turbines, petrochemical plants, bridge construction, and repairs. QNix® 9500 also has very high reliability when measuring very thin coating thicknesses. Measuring according to international standards- SSPC-PA2 with levels 1-5, IMO PSPC, ISO 19840, Australian AS 3894.3B, Swedish IS 184160 are preconfigured in the premium plus models.

About TestCoat:

For many years, TestCoat has been a trustworthy partner and leader in the supply and distribution of inspection equipment, laboratory & physical test equipment for the coatings and paint industries. We supply non-destructive quality control and testing instruments such as Paint thickness Mil Gauges, Gloss meters, portable and benchtop metal hardness testers, laboratory mixersviscometers, film applicatorsdrying time recorder, cupping testers, Wet scrub abrasion testers, Coating inspection kits with advanced technology, and of the highest standards.