Best Tests for Coating Thickness

Take a look at the best testing methods for coating thickness and what products can help you carry out those tests.

The Use of Wet Abrasion Scrub Testers

Whether you’re working with coated or uncoated surfaces, their resistance to abrasion caused by a sponge, brush, sandpaper, scouring pad, or other means of cleaning will need to be tested. Your paint’s resistance to abrasion can be tested using a wet abrasion scrub tester, which offers testing against different scrub media and cleaning solutions. More often than not, the most common applications of a wet abrasion scrub tester are testing the scrub resistance of interior wall paints, shower stalls, floor tiles, and furniture surfaces. It’s important to know that your products will stand up to the wear and tear of deep scrubbing and cleaning, and a wet abrasion scrub tester it easy to test its resistance.


A wet abrasion scrub tester is usually comprised of a few different parts; a mechanical arm, liquid pump, and programmable electronics. Some newer models come with a touch screen panel to make operation easy. The machine scrapes the mechanical arm with attached brush (or sandpaper, sponge, etc.) over the surface of the material in question. Modern controls allow the operator to set a pre-programmed number of scrubs or passes for a controlled, repeatable result. The liquid pump allows you to pump detergent or any other type of liquid to the mechanical arm to simulate washing and other normal uses during testing. The use of lubricants can greatly control the wear of abrasion. Some items can even be covered in abrasion-resistant material.


One of the biggest uses of the wet abrasion scrub tester is that not only can you test the actual abrasion resistance of your product, but you can actually quantify the results in a fashion that can be measured and repeated by other workers. This invaluable data helps to establish standards for your quality control department and helps you make sure you bring a quality product to the table.


Product testing is essential to maintain the quality of your brand and your company. When your customers purchase a product, they assume your product will meet the quality standards they’ve come to expect from your company. When your product isn’t up to par, people begin to notice, and people begin to talk. The last thing you want is a bad reputation from a few sub-par products unintentionally hitting the shelves.


Test Coat Inc. offers a wide range of industrial testing products to help keep your company on the cutting edge of production quality. Contact us at any time, toll-free, at (800) 678-4370, or visit us at www.testcoat-usa.com.

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