1. Using the new QNix® 9500 Paint Thickness Gauge to measure Galvanize coatings / Duplex coating systems.

    We all know the damages the different types of corrosion cause on steel metal structures every year if preventive measures are not taken. One such preventive measure is galvanizing. 

    Galvanic corrosion occurs when two non-similar metals with physical or electrical contact come in with a common electrolyte such as saltwater. The more active metal – also known as the anode corrodes faster than the more noble metal - the cathode. Corrosion experts use several methods to prevent corrosion, among others, the use of a sacrificial anode to provide a cathodic protection system. For example, a sacrificial anode layer of zinc is applied to the surface of a fabricated steel p

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  2. TestCoat: QNix® 9500 series of Paint Mil Thickness Gauges

    The QNix® 9500 inspection series of dry film gauges are built for corrosion inspection in shipbuilding, infrastructure, offshore wind farms, Fireproofers, chemical plants, etc. This series of Coating thickness gauges sets a new standard in the coating inspection industry, in terms of durability – for long and reliable use, even undder very harsh work conditions – splash-proof housing. The operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to +70 °C with the scratch-proof, the high-contrast display rotates according to user angle. The QNix® 9500 Paint Gauge series is fiberglass reinforced and has a- 5 pieces IP65 dust and water-resistant housing. It is the most rigorously tested paint thickness measuring device from Automation Dr. Nix, Germany. The QNix® 9500 series comes with a body gauge th

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