Coating Thickness Gauge Meter

QNix® 4000 series of Paint coating thickness Mil gauges deliver extreme precision and quick measurement results. They are easy to use and extremely robust. This series of Paint gauges has proven itself to be the best in the industry for simplicity in tasks such as sampling, measuring the thickness of products on a production line and on wide extended surfaces in shipyards and coil coatings. The QNix® 4200 (for measurements on Fe) or the QNix® 4500 (for measurements on Fe and NFe) are the right coating thickness gauge for you because of optimal readability - large numbers, capable of reading in the dark and in direct sunlight - backlit LCD, for everyday use - ergonomic design with recessed grip, polished ruby measuring head tip protects the measuring probe and the surfaces to be measured and broad range of applications. Thousands of users around the world and in a plethora of industries use the 4000 series coating thickness gauges. Whereas the QNix® 4200 gives you reliable measurement results on steel and iron (Fe), the QNix® 4500 lets you take measurements on steel, iron (Fe) and non-ferrous metals (NFe) like aluminum, zinc, copper, and brass. QNix® 4500 /4200 mil Gauges are available in a variety of different versions: with an integrated or cable probe or with an extended measuring surface of up to 5 mm. The use of an extension enables the operator to reach difficult to access areas. Meets the following standards: DIN EN ISO 2808, ISO 2178, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 7091, ISO 2360 (only QNix® 4500. Download User Manual QNix 4200 / 4500.    

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