QNix® 8500 Paint Thickness - Mil Gauge

QNix® 8500 Paint Thickness - Mil Gauge

This QNix® 8500 is our modular coating Thickness gauge for measuring coatings up to 200 mils (5000 microns) thick in many different environments. It can accommodate both standard and radio control / wireless probes that do not necessitate an extension cable. It is designed for easy operation, ready to use as no calibration is required for most applications. As a modular system, it comes in two Gauge body versions – basic and premium, with statistics function included in the later. With the QNix® 8500 Mil Gauge, the operator has the possibility of interchanging probes with a larger measurement range, for measuring thin coating thickness, as well as use the wireless probes for measurements at places that are difficult to access with bulky gauges. The QNix® 8500 DFT Gauge also has the capability of adjusting to various substrate properties via the use of single-point and two-point calibration. This capability allows the operator to take measurements on curved surfaces and small parts. Use the QNix® 8500 Thickness Gauge to take measurements on rough surfaces by defining a compensating roughness and assigning a virtual point on the rough surface. Its combined measurement mode employs two measurement methods in one procedure. This combined measurement takes - for example, individual thicknesses of paint and zinc layers in a duplex coating system. This is a typical coating system in the corrosion protection industry, as double coatings are deemed superior in terms of protection. Download User Manual QNix 8500

Features of the QNix® 8500 Mil Thickness Gauge

• One-handed menu navigation and automatic On/Off

• Designed for continuous use: ergonomic design, key field and arm strap (optional)

• Simply measure: manual and automatic substratum switching

• combined thickness measurement for zinc and the surface layer in one measurement procedure

• Selectable display language- 3 of 23 available languages at a time

• Statistics function - Quick and easy to use

• Save up to 30,000 measured values in over 200 memory blocks

• Wireless data transfer between the gauge body and the PC

• Flexible assessments and further processing: Microsoft Excel export

• Software Update via web

• Hi contrast Backlit display

• Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to PTB (German equivalent to NIST in the US)

• Conforms to national and international standards including ASTM and ISO -

DIN EN ISO 2808, DIN 50981, ISO 2178, BS 5411 (11),BS 3900-C5, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 709


Probe Selection for  QNix® 8500


QNix® interchangeable standard probes

Fe probe 2 mm Thickness measurement range

Fe probe 5 mm Thickness measurement range

NFe probe 2 mm Thickness measurement range

Dual probe Fe 2 mm/NFe 2 mm thickness measurement range 

Dual probe Fe 5 mm/NFe 2 mm thickness measurement range

Dual probe Fe 5 mm/NFe 5 mm  thickness measurement range                               


QNix® wireless probes

Fe wireless probe 2 mm

Fe wireless probe 5 mm

NFe wireless probe 2 mm

Dual wireless probe Fe 2 mm/NFe 2 mm

Dual wireless probe Fe 5 mm/NFe 2 mm

Dual probe Fe 5 mm/NFe 5 mm


QNix® Pen Shape probe

Pen probe MI Fe 500 μm


2 alignment rings

Round steel zero reference plate D = 25 mm

Reference foils: approx. 6, 11, 24, 50 µm


Operating instructions

Gauge stand


Position angle

 QNix® software

QNix® software for data transfer and evaluation in Excel. Data configuration on the handheld device and transfer of format to Software possible

USB wireless interface adapter (Dongle) for data exchange between the gauge and PC

 QNix® calibration set

Certified plastic shims- foils, zero reference plates, included in the package



QNix® protective pouch with arm strap

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