QNix® 1500 Coating Paint Thickness Gauge

QNix® 1500 Paint Thickness Meter -also known as Mil Gauge, is reliable, easy to use, and durable. Over decades, this series has become one of the most popular Paint thickness Gauge -Meter for dry film thickness measurements for applications in the Corrosion Inspection industry, particularly due to the relatively large measuring range of 200 mils on both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous modes and its unique design. QNix® 1500 Paint Gauge for dry film thickness measurement is the right gauge for you if you need an easy-to-use paint thickness Gauge for Dry film thickness measurement and if obtaining reliable measurement is your objective. Two independently integrated measurement probes allow you to instantly recognize on which basic substrate you are taking a measurement. You can take coating thickness measurements on steel, iron (Fe), and non-ferrous metals (Non-ferrous) like aluminum, zinc, copper, and brass. In most cases, no calibration is necessary for this paint meter due to the Hall sensor technology. All QNix® Mil Gauges for dry film thickness measurement function according to our easy-to-use principle: position, measure, and read. The QNix ® 1500 Paint Thickness Gauge is a complete solution for quality control inspections in the painting industry as using this paint gauge reduces fatigue, especially where operators need to take thousands of readings on flat extending coated metals. Evenly place your paint gauge with the required substrate down and read - an acoustic sound will confirm reading has been taken. The smarter QNix ® 1500 Paint Gauge enables better process - and quality control. *******Note: QNix® 1200 has been discontinued.

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