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Coating Thickness mil Paint meter, Paint gauge

Coating Thickness Gauge - QNix Dry Film Thickness Measurement

Coating thickness gauges for non-destructive measurement – QNix® brand by Automation Dr. Nix

The quality of your Paint coating systems depends on several factors, among other the streamlined production processes, choice of raw material, resources performance, and expertise. Wet / Dry Film Thickness or Coating thickness/paint thickness gauges also play an important role in determining the paint quality of coating systems- used during the application and inspection of the coatings in uncured and cured stages. Applying coatings according to paint manufacturer’s specifications and regular thickness measurements reduce the cost of product maintenance and waste of resources. Whether mechanical or electronic coating thickness gauge (also called dry film thickness gauges -dft, mil paint meter or paint thickness meter) non-destructively measure the dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates, such as powder coatings, anodizing and electroplating on metal substrates such as steel, iron, aluminum, zinc or copper.

Without compromising on quality, the Automation Dr. Nix - QNix® brand offers a wide range of dry film thickness Gauges for precise and non-destructive measurement of coatings. We draw back from decades of experience in heavy-duty corrosion protection, industrial painting and contract coating, surface finishing with galvanized and anodic coatings as well as vehicle assessment and bodywork to design our gauges.

Automation Dr. Nix works closely with customers, take specific requirements from different sectors into account so as to further develop the paint coating thickness gauges. The Coating/Paint Thickness meters/ gauges are characterized by easy and intuitive operation, repeatable measurements that are replicated in our motto of "place, measure, read". Dr. Nix QNix® brand of Paint Thickness gauges is developed and manufactured only in Germany. This underlines the commitment to quality - 3-year manufacturer warranty. Certificate of Calibration shows traceability to Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt  (PTB) – an equivalent to the NIST in the USA and the NPL in Great Britain. 

Automation Dr. Nix Paint / Coating thickness gauges for non-destructive measurement – QNix® series. Facts about QNix coating thickness Gauges - Paint QNix® gauges If you have been doing one and the same thing and improving by learning for over 6 decades, you can call yourself an expert. Designing and manufacturing a coating thickness gauge is the core competence of Automation Dr. Nix. A type II (2) or electronic Paint/coating thickness gauge (also called dry film thickness gauges, paint meter or paint thickness meter) measures the dry film thickness (DFT) on metal substrates non-destructively. QNix Paint thickness Gauges operate on the electromagnetic induction principle, Hall sensor principle, and the Eddy current principle. Derived from these principles, sensors are designed for a variety of industrial applications. The two Fe measuring principles ( Ferrous metal substrates) allow for coating thickness measurement of dry coating, powder coatings, anodizing and electroplating on metal substrates such as steel, iron, aluminum, zinc or copper. A non-destructive QNix® coating thickness gauge measures the Paint/coating thickness on metal substrates. The substrate must either be magnetic or electrically conductive. The Non Ferrous dry film thickness measuring principle (Non-ferrous metal substrates) allows for coating thickness measurement of electrically insulated coating thickness on electrically conductive substrates; Automation Dr. Nix offers a broad range of dry film paint thickness gauges for precise and non-destructive measurement in a many industries, including automotive manufacturing, automotive aftersales, corrosion protection, powder coating, car body shops, product finishing, meteorology, laboratory, etc,. The many years of working with experts in heavy-duty corrosion protection, gas, industrial painting, and contract coating, surface finishing, and bodywork, makes Automation Dr. Nix a reliable partner in these industries. QNix coating thickness gauges are one of the most reliable, easy to use, durable and are proven to pass the Repeatability & Reproducibility (R & R) test.


With an Accuracy: 0.001 mils + 2% of the reading in the lower range 0- 80 mils (±3.5% of readings above 80 mils), the Dr. Nix QNix brand of Paint  coating Thickness Gauges is one of the most accurate easy-t0-use paint gauges and ideal for Paint Applicators, Powder Coaters, Coating Inspectors Contractors, Automotive Detailers, Refinishers and Inspectors to measure the thickness of paint. All QNix coating/ Paint thickness gauges conform to to national and international standards such as: DIN EN ISO 2808 DIN EN ISO 2178 - Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with secondary coil (magnetic induction measurement method), Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with Hall sensor, Magnetic induction with permanent magnet and measurement with Hall sensor DIN EN ISO 2360 - Eddy current method DIN 50981 BS 5411 (11). Countries with high aspirations for quality standards have organizations responsible for coordinating the national measurement system, hence provide traceability of measurement results to reference standards that are internationally recognized. Use Coating Thickness standards (shims) to verify the accuracy of the QNix Dry Film thickness gauge.


How and what to measure with QNix Coating Thickness Gauges by Automation Dr. Nix

A non-destructive QNix® brand coating thickness gauge measures the dry film thickness on metal substrates. The coating thickness base must either be magnetized or electrically conductive for this purpose. Our paint meters/gauges then use the right measurement method. The development of our paint thickness testers/gauges conforms to national and international standards such as DIN EN ISO 2808, DIN EN ISO 2178, DIN EN ISO 2360, DIN 50981, BS 5411 (11). Non-destructive coating thickness measurement on metal substrates can be roughly divided into two measurement methods: Measurement on a ferromagnetic substrate such as iron or steel: The type of substrate and the associated measurement mode usually have the brief designation Fe. The measurement methods utilized here are those that take advantage of magnetic induction. A magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet or electromagnet and measured with a Hall sensor (electromagnet or permanent magnet possible) or a secondary coil (only electromagnets). Measurement on a non-ferrous or non-ferromagnetic but electrically conductive substrate such as aluminum, zinc, copper, brass and certain stainless steel types: This type of substrate and the associated measurement mode are designated with Non-ferrous. The eddy current method is utilized.

Automation Dr. Nix offers a wide range of Paint gauges and probes for many fields of application. All conventional measurement methods are used: Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with the secondary coil (magnetic induction measurement method) – DIN EN ISO 2178. Magnetic induction with electromagnet and measurement with Hall sensor – DIN EN ISO 2178. Magnetic induction with permanent magnet and measurement with Hall sensor – DIN EN ISO 2178. Eddy current method – DIN EN ISO 2360. Contact us, or partners in the US such as KTA, Gardco, Farwest Corrosion Control, etc.


Automation Dr. Nix QNix® brand of Paint coating thickness gauges - diverse as the applications of our customers.

Automation Dr. Nix is the manufacturer of the state-of-the-art handheld, non-destructive QNix 8500 modular paint thickness gauge with exchangeable probes and up to a maximum 200 mils measurement range (memory capacity of 30,000 measured values in up to 250 blocks). The Dr. Nix QNix® 8500 paint meter has been setting new standards in coating thickness measurement since 2005. QNix® 8500 gauge can be used in any application where maximum flexibility in measurement and seamless measuring results and documentation are indispensable. Read More.



Qnix 8500 Coating Thickness Gauge8500QNixvaleroclip

This Paint thickness gauge can be used for quality assurance and documentation of the coating processes in heavy-duty corrosion protection, offshore installations, bridges, power poles, and shipbuilding facilities. In these fields of application, every applied coating must be documented. Operators can save the thickness of each individual coating and the total layer thickness per component or area in individual blocks, export them in an Excel file and conveniently document data using the PC software QN version 7. Automation Dr. Nix has a range of probes for Dry Film thickness measurement including standard probes for Ferrous, Non-ferrous or both substrate types (with a measurement range of 80 mils or 200 mils), wireless probes for cable-free transmission of measured values between portable device and probe, and the thin-layer probe for measurements of thin films and small parts in surface finishing. The QNix® 8500 Paint Gauge also offers the possibility of integrating any standard probe or using it with an interchangeable cable. 

QNix 7500 probeQNix 7500 Coating Thickness Gauge

QNix® 7500 is a convenient coating thickness gauge that has proven itself in many areas of application. It is one of the pioneer modular system gauge ever built- Other Paint gauges with interchangeable probe concepts have drawn inspiration from the QNix 7500 Paint Gauge. Its Interchangeable measuring probes make the thickness gauge a real all-rounder for a wide range of applications. With an extension cable, you can use the probes externally and flexible. Increased flexibility is achieved with the right angle probes. Read More.


QNix 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge

Automation Dr. Nix offers the compact and easy to use QNix® 4500 paint gauge with an integrated probe or an optional cable probe, making it the smallest All-rounder in the QNix® series. The measurement range of up to 120 mils or 200 mils on Fe substrates and up to 120 mils on NFe substrates cannot be topped by the competition for paint gauges with less to no complicated buttons. To keep it simple, the QNix® 4500 and QNix® 4200 have no data memory. As a result, QNix 4500 paint gauge functions with just one button, thus significantly simplifies handling. QNix® 4500 paint meter is most often used in tasks where no documentation is needed and the focus is on fast and easy testing of coating thickness on the production line or sample testing of batches. Read More.


QNix 1200/1500 Coating Thickness Gauge

For Corrosion protection experts, the QNix® 1500 is a reliable classic that impresses because of its robustness, simplicity and measuring a range of up to 200 mils on both Fe and NFe modes. Because of its two independently integrated probes for steel and aluminum and three contact designed points for proper handling, QNix 1200 / QNix 1500 Paint gauge can be used in a reliable and versatile manner and in extreme harsh production/manufacturing environment. To change the substrate in use, simply reverse the gauge. This lets you know at all times which substrate you are currently measuring. The robust, long-lasting, polished ruby measuring head tip protects the coatings from scratches and is extremely wear-resistant. QNix® 1500 paint meter also comes with a memory capacity – the QNix 1500 M. Read More.



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