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At Testcoat we pride ourselves as a premier source of quality engineered, hand-held Dry Film coating thickness gauges- Paint meters - QNix® CrashCheck, QNix® Handy, QNix® 1200, QNix® 1500, QNix® 4200, QNix® 4500, QNix® 5500, QNix® 7500, QNix® 8500 QNix® 9500 - previously QuaNix, as well as other paint-related physical test equipment from the world's best manufacturers of precision industrial instruments. We are a U.S. based company founded over 10 years ago and a supplier of Non-destructive testing devices for quality control. Our responsibility and commitment to our clients and partners are to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet the needs of inspectors, coaters, appraisers in the quality control industry - ensuring that our customers have a seamless experience during our delivery and aftersales services. We collaborate with the best manufacturers around the world to ensure that the products and services provided are of the best quality. 

Automation Dr. Nix QNix® Dry Film coating thickness gauges (Paint depth meters/Gauges - QNix® CrashCheck, QNix® CarCheck System, QNix® Handy, QNix® 1200, QNix® 1500, QNix® 7500, QNix® 8500, QNix®4200, QNix® 4500, have become the reference for excellent quality "made in Germany". This is confirmed in their simplicity, safety, comfortable operation, and durability. Every one of our Coating Thickness Gauges and Quanix/QNix systems are manufactured exclusively in Germany. According to strict quality standards, the thickness gages are examined for durability and operator-safe use. TestCoat will exceed the efforts of our competitors and the expectations of our customers in the area of technical support and customer service. For these reasons, QNix® coating thickness gauges have become the reference for excellent quality "made in Germany". They prove themselves daily in their particularly simple and comfortable operation and their long-term durable use.

QNix® Dry Film Coating Thickness Paint depth gauges are used for regular inspection during restoration projects, ensuring the structural safety of large steel constructions such as bridges, tanks, and energy towers are to be conducted more often than ever. In the case of restorations, reliable anti-corrosion protection inspections are of essential importance even in areas crucial to safety but considered barley accessible until now - future tasks for plant operators as well as engineers and safety offices, communes, and national institutions. The flexibility and versatility of the new modular QNix® 8500 measurement system guarantee the highest in-the-field user convenience and new areas of application. A simple change of probes allows non-destructive measurements of varying coating thicknesses within a measuring range of up to 5000 µm on steel, iron, and non-iron metals using only one device. The measuring data can be transmitted - even via radio, individually analyzed and documented for each application. QNix® precision devices measure on all metal surfaces - without calibration and still allowing user-specific measurements. The robust and extremely easy-to-use devices work with the highest precision even under the roughest everyday conditions. Coating thickness gauges such as QNix® 1500 and QNix® 4500 have set standards worldwide.

Our success is attributed to the ability to consistently deliver quality services and products to our valued customers. A total commitment to customer satisfaction is built into everything that we do, including outstanding after-sales- and technical support and our 3 years guarantee -  a partnership-profit philosophy. Please take some time and review our products and services and if you have further questions, give us a call or use our contact form to get a quick response. 

QNix Paint Thickness Meters / Coating Thickness gauge employs the Hall Effect and Eddy Current technologies:  Fe* Measuring of non-ferromagnetic coatings on a ferromagnetic substrate, for example measuring on steel- or iron-substrates. Non-Fe* Measuring of non-ferromagnetic and electrically non-conductive coatings (insulating coatings) on a non-ferromagnetic and electrically conductive substrate, for example measuring on aluminum-, zinc-, brass- and certain stainless ( high-grade ) steel-substrates.

Besides product quality, it is also imperative to offer excellent service to our customers. You will be impressed with our competent and friendly customer service. Our service offer is multi-faceted. Testcoat Inc has immediate answers to your questions -by fax or e-mail within 24 hours. Brochures will be in your mailbox within one business working days.

Three days after you have ordered your QNix® coating thickness gauge repair, we will send you a cost estimate. After your approval, the gauge will be shipped to you within three working days. In the case of a warranty, we promise you the same response time.

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