QNix Paint Thickness Gauge Model 1500 Basic

 QNix® Paint Thickness Gauge Model 1500 Basic for applications requiring a measuring range FE & NFe 0-200 mils.

The QNix 1500 Basic is a classical and pioneer among the Paint Thickness Gauges. It was designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of applications for different coating systems. Its design allows for lesser fatigue while taking hundreds of measurements in a sequence. It measures up to 200 mils on both Ferrous and nonferrous metals and the measuring mode is easily identified, as there are two independently integrated and designated probes on either side of the gauge.


Helpful Hints....

If you already have a QNix 1500 Basic, the display might have shown a µm (micron) symbol. Don't panic. To get this back to / or intentionally switch to Mil, follow these simple steps:

  • Activate the gauge by taking a measurement.

  • While the probe is off the substrate, simultaneously push BOTH red slides forward until the display switches back to mils