When it comes to your paint or coating thickness needs, it's no secret that TestCoat can meet (and exceed) your needs for a fraction of the costs competitors are asking. In order to keep up with popular demand, TestCoat is constantly releasing new products- products that will help your life or company run smoother. We understand that structural integrity is of the utmost importance to our customers and subsequently, its incredibly crucial to us as well. Our QNix Gauges are perfect for inspection of a number of projects, including: bridges, tanks and energy towers, to name a few. Really, any of our high-quality products (all made in Germany) can be extremely helpful in realizing your coating and paint thickness needs. Check out several new test instruments we have recently developed.

Byk Micro Glossmeters

We have several new options for those needing a Byk Micro Glossmeter. The pinnacle of the gloss measurement industry, Byk Micro Glossmeters make gloss measurement incredibly easy and efficient. The new color display as well as the user-friendly menu make our selection of new Byk Micro Glossmeters incredibly desirable. Our products offer an inter-instrument agreement that guarantees always reliable QC. our merchandise also offers easy temperature control. As well, the chart software is perfect for professional documentation and efficient data analysis. If any of these selling points strike your fancy, make sure to buy a Byk Micro Glossmeter. We offer a 60 degree single angle gloss meter that is ideal for specific applications with a measuring area of .36-.6 inches, an 85 degree low gloss meter for measuring an area of .2-1.5 inches. A 20 degree meter that proficiently measures high gloss with an area of .4 inches. We also offer two variations of the Byk Tri-gloss meter. The first measures 20, 60 and 85 degree angles, the second can measure angles of the same degree but also measures film thickness. Gloss and film thickness are important QC criteria for coatings. Kill two birds with one stone by buying a meter that can measure both at the same time!

QNix Coating Thickness Gauges

Developed for measuring tasks in the powder coating industries, QNix Coating Thickness Gauges accurately and simply measure lacquer and corrosion protection thicknesses, on both steel and iron. This instrument is perfect for all your steel, iron and non-ferrous metals measurement needs. We offer a QNix 4500 Coating Thickness Gauge with a FE and NFE 200/120 mil. probe, one with a FE and NFE 120/120 mil. integrated cable probe and one with a FE and NFE 200/120 mil. integrated ext. cable probe. We also offer a QNix 4200 Coating Thickness Gauge that is more suitable for measuring paint. This paint meter has an integrated FE 120 mil. ext. cable probe. This small and handy tool boasts a readable LCD that informs about readings, battery condition, mode of operation and serial number.