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Automation Dr. Nix developed the modular measuring system QNix® 8500, which can be tailored to any measuring task by a simple interchange of probe. Using the pen-shaped probe, QNix ® 8500 can accurately measure thin coatings and small parts in particular.

The small and easy-to-handle wireless probe for QNix ® 8500 measuring gauges allows for measurements without cable – useful when measuring in areas that are difficult to access or crucial to safety.
QNix ® 4500 / 4200 coating thickness paint gauges provide the user with a rugged and easy-to-handle gauge for an easy and fast coating thickness measurement.

This is our bestselling mil thickness gauges for standard applications. It includes an automatic substrate selection and a lit high resolution graphical display.

Corrosion Inspectors in bridge construction and shipyards – particularly in the US – consider the QNix ® 1500 gauge to be the number 1 among the coating thickness measuring devices. The large measuring area of up to 200 mils (Fe/NFe) and the design of these hand-held gauges for large measuring objects make them a classic.

The newly launched CarCheck System PLUS has been developed to enable car experts better uncover inconsistency on car body paint and allocate their coating thickness measurements to an original photo. This measuring system enables the generation image-based reports that have to stand its ground in the court of law.

Please note:
Until 2007, QNix ® was delivered under the Brand name QuaNix ®.

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